Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

Hi guys! Happy Chinese New Year
Wish all of you good luck and stay healthy for the dragon!
All the best! 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Pigment & Palette Sephora $250 Giveaway

Meredith Jessica is having a huge giveaway!
It's Sephora $250 Giveaway!
She is one of my favorite youtube guru. 
Her works inspired me a lot, especially the tinker bell look!
Click here to get more information to win the giveaway!
Good Luck!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Make Up Course at KL

Hey guys! I'm back from my KL trip! It was a very enjoyable, meaningful and happy trip. 
I went there for my make up course and of cause SHOPPING!! Feel sorry for my pity darling, he has been accompany me for shopping almost everyday. You know a make up addict can spend few hours in the cosmetics shop, then you sure can imagine how my bf react during that moment. Yawning, walk here and there. hahahah~ XD 
This time I really spent much on cosmetics. But I really love the stuff I bough this times. Let see what I got. By the way, the monistat gel and naked palette 2 is not bought from KL. I ordered it from Sgdrugstore and my father received it when I was at KL. Will make another clear information about my haul on my next post.

Next I'm gonna share some picture with you guys about the course I had. I'm so glad for taking part  of this course. I learned lots of things from there. The course was conducted by a make up school principal from China. Although I'm a Chinese, I still can't really understand some of her words. Luckily I did lots of research from internet so it's not hard for me to get what she said. The course is all about celebrities make up. The teacher transform her assistant into very pretty model with different style. It really amazed me!Let's get into the pictures.


I only get to take this much pictures cause there too many pictures in very low qualities. Too bad I don't have the before picture of the model. The model is totally an Asian look with small eyes.  Don't you think that's amazing! The decorations the teacher has done is really awesome! You might feel it's difficult to make it, but if you watch the making of part, it's super easy as long as you have enough accessories. After attended the course, I realize as a make up artist is not just about make up. It's all about trend. Hmm... looks like I have to improve my trendy lifestyle.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kawaii Barbie ^_^ Christmas Giveaway!

Hey guys! Kawai Barbie is having her Christmas Giveaway! It's the Wet N Wild baked palette and matte palette which I wanted to own them so much! They are gorgeous! Aren't they?
What are you waiting for? Click here to join! Come on!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

D.G.S.Beauty's Birthday Giveaway!

Hey guys, D.S.G Beauty is running a gorgeous giveaway to celebrate her birthday on 4th of Dec.
Happy Birthday to her. 
and check out her blog HERE

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Diet 1st Day - Say No to foodsssss

Can you imagine you gotta say NO to those delicious food during your birthday? You probably gonna say NOOOOOO !! Why today?!! Yea! That's what I'm thinking right now! Why not tomorrow! My friend just sent me a birthday cake and I can't even taste the cream ! How terrible horrible and vegetable is that feel!! Arrgghh!! BUT!! For my own good, for my darling, I decided to hold my tongue and turn my head to the right and left whenever I see foods within one month!
I gonna live with this for my 3 meals and 3000ml of plain water for everyday within one month. Gosh! Can you imagine that I'm going to be tasteless within one month? I've lost 12kg for the previous diet plan and gain back 5kg! That's horrible! Well, thanks to myself for eating like a starving gorilla for the previous days. That's what I'm going to pay for!  From now on, I'm gonna hypnotist myself to drink this as I'm having pizza, burgers, fried chicken wings, cakes...
At least this drink is not as bad as my 1st thought, there are few flavors. But I prefer chocolate mint the most. I tried the chicken soup and mushroom soup flavor before, and I end up with yucks and disgusting feel. I get myself to size XL to M size for the previous plan. Gosh!! I don't want to get back to XL size again! Looking forward to S size now!!!  
Since I've choose a special date to restart my plan, I hope this plan will go smoothly and end up with success.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Favorites - Face Stuffs

Hi guys! My facebook page is running a giveaway of Coastal Scents Go Palette of your choice.
To enter this giveaway, kindly follow the rules then you are in.
  1. Like my page Janet's Magic
  2. Post a picture of your favorite cosmetics or tools on my page and talk about it.
  3. Ask your friends to support you by click "Like" below your pictures.
  4. Those who get more likes will be this giveaway's winner.
  5. One entry per person
  6. This giveaway will be end up on 16th December 2011
Besides the Coastal Scents Go Palette, there will also a mystery prize to giveaway for the lucky one who join this giveaway. The mystery prize winner will be choose randomly. That's mean there will be one or two winner for this giveaway. Good Luck! =D

Okay! Let's get back to the topic. I'm going to share with you guys about my favorite stuffs for the coming up posts. Let's start with face stuffs first.
  • Face Primer - Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel

For me, face primer is a must have in my make up routine. It's really very big different with and without face primer. I have a dry skin condition, before face primer I'll put on my moisturizer to make sure my face is moisture enough to prevent foundation crack. This products give u a silky smooth finish. I have some pores on my nose and my cheeks, it doesn't seem very big but it really irritated me a lot. This product helps to cover the pores too. I can't say that it cover the pores really well but you will satisfy the result after apply it.

At first I read the usage of this product I was just like huh? o.O For inner thigh and armpits?! Okay! Thanks to Nicole's Mirror who blogged a very clear information about this product. Basically, I don't have any negative comments for this. This is super cheap compare to Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. It has no smell, so you don't feel irritating. I bought mine at RM40 at The bad thing is you can't find this in Malaysia. I tried to find it in Watson, Guardian, Pharmacy, too bad I can't find one.

I'm glad that I found a great stuff with very cheap price. This really make my make up last longer. I use this on my customers too. They gave me very good feedback. Hmm...probably I'm gonna prepare 2 extra one in my make up kit.

  •  Palgantong Theatrical Powder

Palgantong Theathrical Powder is definitely my favorite setting powder. It is my very first setting powder bought from Singapore. My cousin at Singapore introduce this brand for me. At first, I didn't find any obvious benefit. I feel the powder very smooth then I just bought it without consider. Thanks god that I'm lucky! I love this setting powder a lot. It is a matte powder, it gives me a very flawless skin finish, it doesn't really add on much color on my face but it still has very good coverage on me. It melt into my skin very well and doesn't make me look cakey or unnatural. It controls oil very well too. For this moment, I don't find any hate about this powder. Maybe just the price is a bit pricy for me. If I'm not wrong, SaSa retails it RM99 per big box. I'm definitely gonna repurchase this powder.
  • M.A.C Fix+

I've been using Loreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation. It's liquid type, but sometimes I don't find it's easy to blend into my skin while I have dry skin condition. I'll add a little bit of MAC fix+ into my foundation to make it more blendable. It's really help to blend well. Besides this, I use this to fix my make up too. It has very lightly rosey smell. Sometimes I will mix it into pigment or eyeshadow to make the color more "sharp". I even spray it on my face without make up to give my face freshness and moisture. I can say that this can used in many different ways. Definitely a very good stuff.

You guys can see that I don't include the foundation I use now into this post. I haven't really find a foundation that I love so much. Probably I'm going to try out Revlon Colorstay foundation. Here are some of  my thought of my favorite face stuffs. Share with me yours too. =D